Condoms and Lubricants

  • Ansell Lifestyles Condoms 12 Regular
    $7.89 each $0.66 each
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    Ansell Lifestyles Non Latex 10
    was $11.19 $10.19 each $1.02 each
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  • Ansell Lifestyles Silky Smooth Personal Lubricant 100gm
    $7.89 each $7.89 per 100g
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  • Lifestyles Zero Condoms 8 Pk
    $11.29 each $1.41 each
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ANZAC Day Public Holiday 25th April 

Dear customers,
While our online store won't be delivering on the ANZAC Day public holiday on Wednesday 25th April, our store at
220 Lower Heidelberg Road East Ivanhoe will be open all day from 8.30am until 8.30pm.
Liquor will be closed until 12 noon.
See you soon
From the Staff at East Ivanhoe Grocers